Successful opening of the large Hagenbund exhibition in the Leopold Museum

The large Hagenbund exhibition in the Leopold Museum opened on September 15 with very positive media response.
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we are proud to have contributed to this success!


In Collaboration between the Friends of the Hagenbund and the Zinkenbach Painters' Colony Museum

The 2022 annual exhibition of the Museum Zinkenbacher Malerkolonie in St. Gilgen was created with the significant participation of our association, both through loans and through the curating work of our Bernhard Barta. It will open on June 18th and run until October 9th, 2022. Under the title 'In bright and in dark times', the light and dark sides of interwar art with the Hagenbund at the center are illuminated. A comprehensive catalog provides a detailed overview of this period. More at:
Ein Video of the exhibition opening can be found here

June 7-10, 2022

Ö1, series Subject: History: 'Der Hagenbund', at 5.55 p.m

TV film commissioned by the Hagenbundfreunde

A documentary commissioned by our association and realized by PopUp Media Film- & TV-Produktion DER HAGENBUND - DIE VERLORENE MODERNE was broadcast on April 26, 2022 by ORFIII in the 'Erbe Österreich' series. The film aims to bring 'our' artist association out of the shadow of the Künstlerhaus and Secession and to make it known to a wider audience. The presentation of selected locations with works by Hagenbund artists in public space forms the common thread for a mixture of statements by well-known art experts.

The Hagenbund - The Lost Modern Age

can be seen on YouTube!


Status report from June 2021:
For more than a year we have been pursuing an exciting project: the implementation of more teaching and research on the subject of "Art of the Danube Region in the First Half of the 20th Century" at the Institute for Art History at the University of Vienna - with the aim of providing students with questions Viennese modernism, the Secession, the youth style and Art Deco, Wiener Werkstätte, artists' associations of that time, etc. are confronted. Unfortunately, this topic has only been dealt with incidentally at the University of Vienna for decades. The consequence of this is that the art period, which is of great international interest, is hardly researched and the students miss out on career opportunities as a result. Our basic demand is therefore to broaden our teaching activities in this area of ​​art history so that more academic work can be carried out by students in this area. We have therefore not only initiated an intensive discourse in the newspaper "Die Presse", but also talks with the board of directors of the institute, the responsible Vice Rector, representatives of the Ministry of Science and, most recently, with the dean of the associated faculty, Mr. Univ. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schütze, led. We were informed about the first steps in the right direction. From the autumn semester 21/22, Dr. Reinald Franz, curator of the Glass and Ceramics Collection at the MAK, will hold a course on a relevant topic. In addition, a specialist who has not yet been named has completed his habilitation at the institute on the subject of "Vienna 1900" and will also be offering a course from the coming winter semester.
Unfortunately, our goal of creating a relevant professorship is not yet in sight, probably also because there are supposedly hardly any suitable "offspring" with a corresponding habilitation. We are staying on this topic and hope for further partial successes
Franz M. Bogner

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Large Hagenbund exhibition in the Museum Leopold from September 2022